AB DVINCI is an up and comming rapper/song-writer from Corpus Christi, TX. His brand of hip-hop is a mixture of gritty, honest lyrics, and southern soul with enough bounce for any club, or ride. Equipped with an arsenal of numerous mixtapes, guest appearances, an electrifying stage presence, and material constantly hitting the streets; AB DVINCI is working hard to make his mark in the rap game. AB grew up in the barrios and blue collared neighborhoods of Robstown & Corpus Christi, TX. He was raised by a combination of hustlers, gangsters, a hard working step-father and a fierce but loving mother. Dvinci's biological father loved him very much but was still dangerously involved in the streets when AB was born so AB's mother was forced to leave his dad and attempt to make a better life for her and her son. His mother did everything in her power to raise him with good values and a strong work ethic but like many of the youth in his city, he was drawn to the streets and began hustling while still in high school. Knowing he didn't want to become another statistic, he soon began investing his energy and funds into his music with his friends and original crew, Prestigious Records. Unfortunately tragedy struck and Dvinci's best friend , Francisco Mora aka Bernie Lomax was shot and killed in San Antonio, TX and the crew dispersed shortly after. However, AB decided to use his music as a way to cope with the tragic loss and continued to pursue his solo music career. After releasing multiple projects and performing throughout the Lone Star State; Dvinci, his good friend, Droopy M. and their team collectively known as "Take Money Productions", began to make a buzz throughout Texas and landed a number of radio worthy singles such as “#Fuego” & “Black on Black” on multiple internet & FM radio stations in major Texas cities and surrounding areas. Dvinci has proven by triumphing over his trials & tribulations that he has what it takes to become one of the greats in Hip-Hop.